CWV2.0 Weekly Report: the First Week of October

Project Activities

From this week, Defiking will host AMA in local communities on every Wednesday.

The schedule for the incoming AMA is as below:

This week, the Vietnamese community was the first local community that enjoyed this activity.

Please see the recaps as below (In Vietnamese):

This week, Defiking organized multiple bounty activities in local communities:

1) Sep. 19–26, the Russian community jointed with CryptoDonky hosting an airdrop and a quiz activity. 490 people participated in the airdrop, of which, 3 lucky ones won $50, $30, and $20 DFK respectively. 135 people participated in the quiz activity, 10 participants were selected randomly, and gain $10 DFK. Through these activities, the Russian community welcomed 700 new members.

2) Sep. 30, the Vietnamese community gave away bounties in AMA. 5 participants who actively asked questions totally won $25 DFK.

3) Sep. 29, Philippine community organized a bounty campaign for warm-up next week's AMA. There were 54 people participated, 5 of which got $5 DFK respectively. The bounty campaign gain 149 shares and 169 followers for the Twitter account.

Project Progress

On Oct. 3, CWV announced that CWV2.0 consensus mine pool is about to start storage in the main network on Oct. 7.

Operational Progress

This week, many security problems were reported in the industry, such as Kucoin. To ensure the security of Defiking and prevent the same problems, we comprehensively examined the environment of dTrade and posted a dTrade Security Report on September 28. Shown in the report, Defiking passed all the security examining items. To check the report details, please click the following link:

The growth of the communities:

Recently, we opened a Spanish community. The community member in the Spanish community has reached 700 people until this week. Please join in by this link:

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