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6 min readMar 9, 2021

Technological Progress

Till Mar 7th, the development of the mainchain is as follows:

  1. Code has been submitted 50 times, with the main accomplishments of defination of the price rules for space and time of file storage.
  2. The design of file space cleanup has been completed.
  3. The design of file migration has been completed.
  4. The transaction record on the block browser has been updated.

Till Mar 7th, the development of RR dVod is below:


  1. The bug of the file upload tool has been fixed.
  2. The number of concurrent downloads for a single task has been adjusted.


  1. The file storage name has been modified to prevent errors caused by the same file name.
  2. The problem that the download cannot be started after the task is occasionally paused has been fixed.

Project Activities

1. CVNT mainnet swapping work for CVN community users has started on March 4th. At the same time, CVNT deposits and withdrawals has suspended at 13:00 (GMT +8) on March 4th. CVNT/BTC and CVNT/ETH exchange pairs were reopened at 11:00 (GMT +8) on March 9th. CVNT (ERC20) will be swapped to CVNT(Mainnet) at a radio of 200:1 once the migration is completed. For more details:

2. On March 4th, BICC.Pro has completed the maintenance of FIL wallet, and re-developed the deposit and withdrawal function of FIL token. For detailed announcement:

3. This week, many media outlets conducted in-depth analysis and published articles on the future development and market potential of CVNT, which were recommended by the homepage on major websites and received a lot of attention. For more details:

1〉On March 1st, CVN published an article titled “After Ethereum 2.0 and DeFi, CVNT creates blockchain upstart” on《TechBullion》. The article demonstrates the overall development progress of CVNT awareness value network is relatively optimistic. The CVNT storage mining and RR dVod distribution mining, which will be started soon, are likely to give birth to a number of new rich people in the industry. With the expansion of market value and deflation effect, all holders will be able to make a real, sustainable and maximum profit. For more details:

2〉On March 1st, CVN published an article titled “20 million users are reveling in CVNT” on《MarketWatch》. The article states that from the above analysis of the positioning and top-level design of CVNT value network, it is not difficult to see that CVNT creates a value network of distributed storage and video (content) transmission composed of many user nodes (hubs). In particular, the technical value of head application RR dVod corresponds to the commercial market scale, which brings huge predictable space. If we had not planted BTC before, we would not have the fruit of today’s BTC. Now why not just focus on the future and plant CVNT, the seed with time and opportunity. For more details:

3〉On March 1st, CVN published multiple articles with the topic of “CVNT drives 20 Million Users Crazy” on 《COINNOBLE》、《THE BLOCKOPEDIA》、《KRYPTO WHEEL》、《KRYPTO NewsWire》、《CRYPTOATE》、《CoinCript》and《TRENDIGN》. The articles talk about the innovation and benefits of CVNT from four features: RR dVod breaks the blockchain business zero sum recreation; the consumption of community assets results in the growing demand for CVNT token; distributed finance, the “Holy Grail” of blockchain; digital belongings that may convey instant tangible advantages. CVNT is dedicated to resolve the issues of low efficiency, poor safety, excessive improvement problem and extreme dependence on dealing with prices of present blockchain purposes, and to appreciate the efficiency growth and decentralized storage of distributed purposes. For more details:

4〉On March 1st, CVN published multiple articles with the topic of “CVNT: 2021 New Trend in Blockchain Industry” on 《COINMES》、《COIN NEWS PAN》、《COINOLLY》、《ZECRIPTO》、《CRYPTONODE》、《CRYPTOCHAINWIRE》、《COINPOGO》and《The Bitcoin Daily》. Within the Q1-Q2 roadmap launched in January, we can see the 4 main update plans of CVNT: evolving the post consensus; redefine the operation mode of erc20; the subsequent era of smarter contracts; enhance the scalability of the underlying public chain and keep away from onerous bifurcation. From the framework of CVNT and the present operation of the principle community, we will see the dedication and braveness of the crew to open up the period of public chain 3.0. It’s an actual fundamental sturdy venture. For more details:

5〉On March 1st, CVN published multiple articles with the topic of “What is the Holy Grail of Blockchain?” on 《btc heights》、《HASHNEWS》、《Crypto Currency Financial》、《COINBLAZE》、《Coinedict》、《PENTAXCOIN》and《COINOMI》. The overall development progress of CVNT conscious value network is relatively optimistic, and the future has become more and more clear. Many institutional investors around regard CVNT as a very rare opportunity and focus on its position. The intercommunication between CVNT and RR dVod basically fulfills the needs of users in an all-around way. In addition to RR dVod, distributed finance is another major landing scenario of CVNT. Its unique holy grail ecology is strongly linked with CVNT token, enabling it to build an extremely deflationary economic model. CVNT has the potential of revolutionary blockchain infrastructure that is really used by people, so it will also burst out with inestimable economic value. Please look forward to how far can CVNT run in the golden track of public storage chain and video blockchain applications! For more details:

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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