CVN Weekly Report_Dec_the second week

Technological Progress

Till Dec. 14, the development of the mainchain is below:

  1. Code has been submitted 40 times, with the main accomplishments of POST algorithm optimization and improvement.
  2. The validity of the continuous storage space of the mining machine and the existence of storage files have been verified.
  3. The rules of reward and punishment mechanism for mining machines have been improved.
  4. Storage information of mining rigs on the block browser has been updated.

Till Dec. 14, the development of RR dVod is below:


  1. Integration of players has been completed.


  1. Integration of wallet SDK has been completed.
  2. Integration of players has begun.

Project Activities

On December 7, Defiking released “DC Whitepaper V1.0” on Twitter, introducing that Decentralized CNY (DC), created by Defiking owned dBank, is a stable currency. It is decentralized, unbiased, mortgage-backed, and anchored with RMB. It dedicates to build a simple, borderless currency & decentralized payment system for billions of people. There are all the details about the background, introduction, draw and price, using scenario, core technology features, governance and conclusion. For more details:

On December 8, CVN released “The “Value Era” of Blockchain Starts from CVNT

“ on Twitter. As the builder, evangelist and pioneer of this industry, in 2020, the Conscious Value Network (abbreviated as CVNT) has been specially given new meanings, positioned with a new generation of public chain infrastructure + general-purpose distributed database (storage) cloud, CVNT has become one of the most competitive mainstream public chains in the world. CVN carries the historical mission of opening the “Era of Value”. Please see the details below:

In order to serve the Defiking application ecosystem better and meet the requirements of dTrade transaction speed and low transaction fee, CVN proposed launching CVN main-network to DFK mapping plan on December 9. For more details:

At 18:00 on December 10th, BICC Pro officially opened DC trading in the OTC trading zone and opened the DC currency trading area. The first batch of online trading pairs includes BSS/DC, DFK/DC, CVN/DC.

Operational Progress

The growth of the communities:

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